pink (kevinismylova) wrote,

the penis song

hey hey
everyone!!!! sup?
bibi-now you know who i like, and yes is wayyyyy hot.
i dont care what the fuck i have to do!
i am saving my heart for that boy!
and yes, the person who u were saying does like that guy (no names but if i may barf)... wait she doesnt because i know who she likes and it isnt him....

ode to the sweetist thing:(beebs. i told u i was gonn find them)
Song: The Penis Song Lyrics

You're too big to fit in here
too big to fit in here
too big to fit in here

What a lovely ride
Your penis is a thrill
Your penis is a Cadillac
A giant Coupe de Ville
Your penis packs a wallop
Your penis brings a load
And when it makes a delivery
It needs its own zip code
Nine - double zero - penis

Repeat Chorus

Your penis is so strong
Your penis is so smooth
Your penis has got a rhythm
Your penis makes me groove
Your penis is a dream
The biggest one I've seen
It's oozy and it's green
(spoken) Ewww
(spoken) Sorry

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus

Your penis is so big
Your penis is so thick
Your penis is so pretty
You've got a handsome dick

Your penis is so hard
Your penis is so large
My body is a movie
And your penis is the star
"Staring your penis"
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