pink (kevinismylova) wrote,

my apology(and the part where i blame you)

i am sorri to those who i am mean to
i am sorri to those who i have lied to
i am sorri to those who hate me
but i am not sorri if you wont believe me when i am telling the truth
i am sorri that you think i am a lier when i am not
i am sorri that you cant forgive me when i apologize
i am sorri that i am not a better friend
i am sorri that i do whatever my friends want me to do
i am sorri that i dont have my own thoughts and that i think whatever my friends think
i am sorri for anything that i have everdone
i wouldnt be writing this list if it werent for 2 words :annoying concience(or how ever you spell it)
and i am sorri that some people cant be happy with me because i am giving at least 97.5% into beliefs and friendships... which some of you think otherwise and for those who think that, this is for you
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don't be guilty lol!!!
by the way,
next time i tell you something
i might as well say, tell it to the whole world
just messin`
i dont mind, everyone knows lol
why do people think i spell words wrong???... they need to get a dictionary andook up the word retard